maybe I should stick to eating

The problem I regularly face is that much as I love food and love cooking, I am not very good at cooking. I have aspirations far above my skills, which tends to result in food that is good in theory (at least my theory) but not in what eventuates. I’m also a pretty careless cook…as last nights cheese efforts demonstrate.

On the upside, my chevre  was salvageable (although by no means brilliant). After draining all day while I was at work, it’s now pretty much a ricotta or cottage cheese consistency, which matches with my cheese making books description, so that’s good. Here is the final product:

I had grand visions of using it in our dinner tonight – which I did – in an eggplant, leek and goats cheese tart. I thought this sounded like a good combination, brought together two of my favourite vegetables, and included a bit of rosemary from my garden but it just didn’t quite work. It looked pretty but it just was missing the right flavours – too heavy and not enough grunt.

Maybe some rocket and tomato at the end might have lifted it a bit – I’ve got my last few tomatoes still coming from the garden, so I might try and see if that helps with the remaining piece. I should probably stick to recipes really for the moment.

In good eating news, although I wasn’t organised enough to get a booking for Hel Yes (a finnish pop-up restaurant that is part of the London Design Festival), Harley and I are  heading to Ben Greeno’s Tudor Rd supperclub in a couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to it, as by all accounts the food is fantastic.  I just need to make sure and get a couple of bottles of nice wine to take along.

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