planning mozzarella

Making cheese is a component intensive business, at least at the beginning. Today I got my new package of rennet and mozzarella cultures for this weekend’s cheese attempt. As I got sidetracked by going to the surf last weekend, I’m also going to make  rosemary foccacia this weekend. If all goes well (and this is, as usual, a biggish if) – I will hopefully be able to take both to Elliot’s big welcome in the park. Elliot is the new baby of some friends and so it would be good to be able to take along food I’ve made – unless it rains, in which case, we’re off to the pub.

I’m  going to try and progress to more serious cheese soon. Harley is in northern Spain this weekend and has promised to bring some Cabrales back. I have a blue recipe that doesn’t sound that hard, so I’m going to give it a go. Just need to build a cheese press somehow.

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