Battle Royale rosemary foccacia

When I  moved to London in January last year, I needed to take up some form of sport. I  originally thought I’d take up football or rock climbing but it wasn’t to be. Instead, on a evening that involved a lot of food and too much wine, a friend’s girlfriend mentioned she played roller derby. What is roller derby? I didn’t know  but I still ended up at a training session a week later and put on skates for the first time in 20 years (an embarrassing and slightly scary experience). I now spend far too much of my week now skating in circles and throwing myself across the track. If you are interested, roller derby is an all women, full contact team sport on roller skates – it is really big in the US, and is growing fast in the UK,  in Australia and in lots of other countries.

Anyway, some of my team mates played as part of the UK Allstars team at Battle Royale in Windsor last night – they were amazing but sadly didn’t win.  Given it has rained all weekend (so no picnic today), I made the rosemary foccacia I keep talking about to take along as a beer snack. The recipe is from the Guardian magazine and I’ve been wanting to make it so I can use the rosemary from my garden – plus it just sounded really tasty.

It was crisp and firm on the outside, soft on the inside and not too oily  – so made me happy. The only issue was I put a bit too much salt on top, so needed to knock a few rocks off. I had roller derby training tonight, so ate the last bit when I got home for dinner topped with some melted mozzarella, which I made this morning.

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