Cheese and Wine Festival at Southbank

I like cheese and I like festivals (especially free ones), so after work today I cycled home via a Cheese and Wine Festival at Southbank. It was a nice diversion on the way home although it was more like a small  market than a festival really. There are about 20 stalls, a mixture of food stands, cheese shops and wineries, with an emphasis on European cheeses more than UK ones.

The best thing for me was  that Moorlands Cheesemakers had a stall, so I got to ask lots of questions I’d been saving up about cheese making (thank you Kathrin) and  see the different kinds of molds and presses that I can buy (although I’d also like to try and make some at home).

I would have liked to stay longer and try more of the cheeses and wine but I had to get home as I’m off to Stuttgart to play roller derby really early tomorrow. This means no chance to make any cheese this weekend. But, I did get to try a new one . I bought a wedge of Toma Maccagno at the festival from the Gastronomica stall. This is a semi-soft raw cows milk cheese from Italy that is aged for about 4 months. It is quite creamy and with a strong enough flavour to eat on its own. I would have included a photo but I only remembered after it was all gone – I really should have bought more!

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