Entering cheese competitions and eating the results

Posting about upcoming events feels a bit odd as I’m not really sure if anyone will see them, but if you have managed to find your way here, then you might be interested in two cheese competitions that that going on – one for entering and one for eating:

  • The first is the Moorlands amateur cheese awards .  I only found out about it when I chatted to the Moorlands folk at the Cheese and Wine Festival the other week and they asked if I was entering…which I’m not. My lack of participation is partly because I’m off to Spain on Friday and partly because I think cheese competitions are still a bit in the distance for me, but they were really encouraging about it, even for beginners, which was nice given that early cheese attempts are so hit and miss. I might look at it next year, but  if you are keen it’s not too late. Cheese can be entered in up to six different categories and needs to reach them by 3 November, with judging on 5 November. 
  • A much larger cheese competition also recently closed for judging. The World Cheese Awards are being held in Birmingham in November. This competition is the largest  in the world, with over 2500 cheese entries in 2009 and more than 3000 expected this year. In what must be a dream job, 150 judges get to taste them all on  24 November, with an elite group of 12 getting to pick the ‘supreme cheese’! (If you want to read more, Lactography has a good post about the mexican cheeses in competition and the role of a judge). My excitement about this is all because I’m going to try and get up there to eat some of the cheese. Admittedly, last time I went to a cheese awards in Sydney, my tasting effort meant I had to go to bed all afternoon, but I’m sure I can show slightly more restraint this time and instead bring some home for later sampling.

I should also mention that the British Cheese Awards were held in September this year. I have a  plan to try and work my way through the winning list, which can be found here.

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