Vegetable markets in Stuttgart

Something about food markets makes me really happy. I like to meander through the stalls and buy random bits and pieces. So whilst this isn’t about cheese, I really wanted to show the vegetables I saw at some markets in Stuttgart the other weekend.

I think I mentioned before that I play roller derby. My team has an annual game against the Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz and this year it was our turn to travel to them. Skating took up most of the fleeting visit but a few of us did manage to wander around the wet centre of Stuttgart for a couple of hours and came across an fantastic market.

The diversity of pumpkins and corn was amazing – some of these squash were as big as my head, in twisted shapes and in perfect spheres. If I could, I would have bought lots, but figured fresh produce wouldn’t really make it home so well. I did buy two small pumpkins  – neither of which I could identify so maybe they weren’t pumkins at all. One is white and knobbly and the other is kind of like a stubby zucchini (or courgette), so it might be a marrow I guess. They are still sitting prettily on my kitchen bench, but I’ll have to chop them up and work out what to do with them.

I’m off to Spain on holidays for a week, so I’ll post about that when I’m back.

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