New year, new plans!

Happy new year ! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and ate lots of lovely things. My lack of posting is because of a holiday to France, where there was sunshine for almost ten days straight, temperatures which reached 16 degrees and so much cheese that I almost said that I’d had enough. In addition to escaping the London cold, I got to eat lots of good food and try to snowboard, an effort that has left me with lots of bruises and sore muscles.

I have lots of new plans for the year, including co-opting my friends into more cheese eating on a regular basis and making more varied dairy products, including hard cheeses with my soon-to-arrive cheese press and ice-cream. I’m also going to try and throw in a few more restaurant reviews – I get so much from other people’s reviews that I’d like to start writing more of my own, so I’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, many things to do and posts to write in the next little while, which is all very exciting. Thanks so much to everyone who visited my fledgling blog over the last few months. I’m still amazed anyone finds their way here, so hopefully I’ll see you this year too.

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