Out and about for cheese

There is a really interesting event happening in March in Belgium that I would love to go to.

The third Flemish Primitives event is being held in Oostende, Belgium on 13-14 March and sounds fascinating (although it does have a price to match). Focusing on food and science, it is designed to bring together chefs, scientists, artists and food to look at innovation in food and drink. I haven’t been to the earlier events but reading about them here, it sounds like there is lots to be learnt and tasted.

One part which got me particualrly interested is the 2.5 hour cheese master-class with Michel Van Tricht and Ben Vincke. The focus will be on raw farmers milk cheese, as well as beer matching. There is an increasingly large amount written on beer and cheese matching, and it’s something I want to know more about.  Michel Van Tricht runs a cheese shop just outside Antwerp that was named by the New York Times as the best in Europe in late 2010, which is quite a claim.

I’m actually planning on heading back to Australia for holiday around March, so it seems unlikely that I’m going to get to this event, but if anyone goes, I’d love to hear what it’s like. I think I’ll have to settle for a visit to Michel Van Tricht’s cheese shop in the coming months instead.

2 thoughts on “Out and about for cheese

  1. Ciao Alanna

    Thank you for your comment; if you make gnocco fritto we always eat it with cheese, in particular pecorino (medium aged) but also good with fresh stracchino… and any other cheese really!!!


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