Cheese making sites and ageing my cheddar

As you may have seen, I’ve added a new section at the top which is the start of my cheese making resources page. It’ll keep growing and hopefully it’s useful to others.

I’ve also just started ageing my cheddar. I wasn’t sure whether to age it in wax or clothbound. Wax sounded a bit easier, but lots of people seem to think clothbound cheddar tastes better as it allows the cheese to breath more.

In the end, I decided to try clothbound, so after 2 weeks of drying (including a minor mould problem that was hopefully eradicated with salt and winegar) I rubbed my cheese in lots of lard yesterday, bound it in cheesecloth, sealed this on with more lard and wrapped in a  second layer of cheesecloth.

My makeshift cheese cave is the cupboard in the spare bedroom (heating off) that I’ve decided to adopt.  I’ve got the cheese resting on a japanese sushi mat inside a large tupperware box with wet kitchen towel to keep the humidity up. I’ll know if several months whether this has worked.

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