Dairy-making diversions: choc coated icecreams (choctops!)

Since I moved to London,  I have irrationally missed choctops at the movies. After two years of missing them, I have finally decided to take action and have started to make ice cream –  in the middle of winter.

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, choctops are an essential part of the Australian movie experience. A good one is made from a waffle-like cone, filled with ice cream and then covered in melted chocolate and refrozen so that the chocolate forms a hard shell. It might not sound  amazing but it  is. Admittedly, I haven’t found this passion amongst many of my  friends, so it might just be me who feels this way.

Anyway, there is a distinct lack of these at the Brixton Ritzy so I decided to BYO. The first batch was created this weekend and although the ratio of ice cream to chocolate wasn’t quite right, they were a good first step. This was mainly due to my ice cream maker only producing small quantities, so I’ll probably need to make in bulk before I start next time and source some better cones as well.

I went for a simple start and just made a plain custard vanilla ice cream with a dark chocolate top and hazelnuts…but I have big plans for more interesting ones.

One thought on “Dairy-making diversions: choc coated icecreams (choctops!)

  1. These look great, esp with the dark chocolate and crushed nuts … yum! You are right, choc tops are the perfect munchie for at the movies.

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