Cheese Bites: St David’s Day welsh cheese masterclass in London

I’ve been wanting to give a name to my sporadic posts on upcoming cheese events and have settled on Cheese Bites. The idea is that I’ll irregularly put up a post on interesting cheese events that I’m going to or have heard about about.

So, this post is about free welsh cheese masterclasses which are being run at John Lewis (Oxford Street) in London on Tuesday 1 March . The class will be led by David Edmonds and give people a chance to taste and learn about how a number of traditional welsh cheeses are produced, and how their differing characteristics are developed.

Classes will be held at 5.15pm, 6.15pn, and 7.15pm for 30 minutes each. They are free to attend but places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. For a confirmed place, it is recommended to register in advance with staff at the John Lewis Foodhall or email

I’m going to the 6.15pm class, so if you can’t make it along, I’ll tell you about the cheeses we try in a later post. I don’t know many welsh cheeses, but the best  I’ve tasted so far is  Gorwydd Caerphilly (shown above, with a post coming soon). I’m looking forward to trying more.

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