Is it a cheese or is it a font?

Turns out, there are lots of cheese names that could equally be the names of writing fonts.  I randomly discovered this because of a slightly stupid (but surprisingly addictive and distracting) game – cheese or font? It can fill an impressive amount of time…so don’t play at work.

 A post is much nicer with a photo, so I’ve included some crottin de chavignol. I ate it all before writing any notes but it is a dry and crumbly goats cheese from Chavignol in France. The name literally translates as ‘horse dung from Chavignol’  – a name whih doesn’t raise the most appealing imagery but comes from its appearance after lengthy maturing. Mine wasn’t quite that old, but if I had kept for 3 months, it should have shrunk down and turn quite dark.  

 It went bizarrely well with a homemade cashew and polenta soda bread. The bread was actually much more moist that it should have been so the cheese really saved it.

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