A match made in cheese

Back in the Sydney summertime, I missed the wedding of two very good friends. Not to be completely left out,  we got up at 2am in our cold south London flat, turned the heaters up high and dressed in a summery grass green, we listened to the ceremony on skype. It made me miss home.

But, when I went back to Sydney last month I found out they had kept some wedding cake for us. A vacuum packed wedge of Monta dei Pascoli, a semi hard Italian alpine cheese, was sitting patiently in the fridge. It was the bottom layer of the amazing vertical cheese board that they had as their wedding cake. Who needs fruit cake when you can have  of tiers of cheeses?

As you can see from the photo above, the layers included a mix of washed rind, white mould, and blue. The full collection was made up from:

  • Munster
  • Camembert
  • Delice de Bourgogne
  • Ocello brie
  • Tarwin blue (we had a bit of this too when we were in Sydney, fresh rather than saved from the wedding cake)
  • Monta dei Pascoli

Being quite numerically minded, I had an idea of trying to find some statistics on the number of weddings that have started having cheese wedding cakes.  I had no luck. I did find that the British Cheese Board offers tips for what to use and how much to get – the key thing I took away was that if you allocate around 100g /cheese per person, you should be set.

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