Ash-coated goats cheese – Part 1

One of my favourite cheeses is Valencay. It is crumbly, gooey and then has the sharp taste of ash. My latest cheese is based on that idea. I didn’t have any pyramid moulds, so I placed some of the curds in a cheddar mould and let them drain. I also hung some of the curds and then hand-shaped them into a log.

After coating the drained curds in my vegetable ash, I let them dry. They were then kept in a humid esky at about 7-10C for the last week. The log is going well. It has a clean covering of white fuzzy mould, so I’ve wrapped it in waxed cheese paper and am going to let it age for about 1 more week.

The round is proving more problematic. It was really moist for a long time and has developed a much more patchy and thick rind of white growth – I’m not sure if it’s all good mould either. I’ve wrapped it up as well and will have a look again in a few days. I don’t expect much from it at this stage though.

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