Late update – ash-coated goats cheese

I’m never really sure if I should write about my disasters. But, as I promised an update, it seems like the story of my ash-coated goats cheese remains incomplete without an ending. Sadly, there isn’t much more that needs to be told other than I had to clean my teeth very quickly after trying it (and Nick wasn’t going to even contemplate a bite).

There were a number of problems. First, as you might see above, the rind was separating quite badly. Second, the taste was quite bitter (the exception was the firmer centre, which tasted more like chevre although not as light or lemony as fresh cheese).  Finally, although I know appearance in cheese isn’t everything, the ash did make it look unappetizing. There are so many variables that could have caused these issues but I think it might have been too moist and perhaps also insufficiently salted.  Anyway, I’m not too fussed; it was a good experiment and it just makes me want to try making more.

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