Cheese making resources

I’m always finding useful sites that help with my cheese making and these are just some of those Ive found most useful. I’ll add more as I go  but please feel free to let me know of others, especially in the UK or Australia, as many of the sites I’ve found are in the US and I’d like to include more local links.

Cheese making supplies (UK)

Homestead Farm Supplies

Moorlands Cheesemakers


Cheese recipes

David Fankhauser – step-by-step cheese recipes and cheese making tips

Cheese making tips

Cheese forum – lots of useful (as well as not so useful) views on pretty much all aspects of cheese making. You can’t search unless you are a member but you can browse as a non-member and find lots of information.

New England Cheese making supplies – lots of great information for beginner cheese makers, from how to age at home to trouble shooting weird mould growth. Run by Ricki Carrol, author of  ‘Home Cheese making’

Other useful cheese information

Bob’s cheese and wine blog

The cheesy times

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