Overcooked chevre

If someone would pay me to do anything I’d run film festivals or I’d be a cheesemaker. The first is really not going to happen at this point in my life, and based on tonight’s effort, the second is also seeming pretty unlikely – I might better off sticking to just eating cheese.

I’m trying to make at least one new thing each week, so tonight I tried to make chevre . This should have been really easy – as other than making simple soft cheese, its really the easiest cheese to make. But, I managed  to overheat the milk by about 10 degrees  and have probably now wasted about 4 litres of goats milk. Given its 9pm, I can’t really be bothered heading back to Tesco, so I’m going for the more experimental approach of cooling it down and adding in the starter culture anyway.  I suspect it’ll be a disaster but I may as well try and in 12 hours or so I’ll see if any cheese has emerged. I’ll put some photos up tomorrow if I have any success – otherwise, it’ll be a new batch over the weekend. I also want to try making rosemary focaccia this weekend if I’m not in Devon surfing, so maybe the cheese is just waiting for the bread.