Is it glue? is it a dog toy? no…it was cheddar

In the unlikely event that you’ve ever unwrapped a corpse that’s been left in a room slightly too warm, I can commiserate. About 6 months ago, I made some cheddar. Turns out, that after all this time, rather than being firm and strong, it more closely resembles a squishy, rubber dog toy that had been salivated on for too long and needs to be left outside. That might be fun for a hound, but not really something you want to eat. The rotting brown cloth, the claggy paste on the edges and the funky odour combined to a less than attractive sight.

You might ask if I wasn’t concerned by the appearance on the outside for the last few months. I optimistically thought this might be external only. Sadly not. Admittedly, I have been a bad carer for this block. It got left in the cupboard when I went to Australia (it was still quite cold then), hasn’t really had sufficient air and has experienced probably way too much heat – at least this is what I’m guessing. I’m off on a cheese course next weekend, so I might ask then.

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